James helps raise £30k with climb

James Bacon on a trip to one of the schools helped by Childreach International
James Bacon on a trip to one of the schools helped by Childreach International

AN intrepid explorer from Hastings has returned from the trip of a lifetime visiting schools in Tanzania and climbing Africa’s tallest peak.

James Bacon, of Lime Close, was part of a group of 14 friends who took five days to scale Mount Kilimanjaro earlier this month.

It is located 205 miles south of the equator on Tanzania’s northern border with Kenya and is actually made up of three volcanoes.

And, such its its size that it supports five major eco-zones and is home to elephants, buffalo, colobus monkeys, buzzards, mountain hawk eagles and white-naped ravens.

The 22-year-old was raising funds for the charity Childreach International, which helps improve the lives of underprivileged youngsters in Africa.

And with sponsorship still coming in, adventurous Mr Bacon says the group will end up collecting more than £30,000.

Despite needing a good night’s sleep, Mr Bacon enthusiastically told the Observer: “The trip was a fantastic experience which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a challenge.

“The climb was demanding in its stringency, with the altitude sickness being the most difficult aspect of the trek.

“Everyone did extraordinarily well and I would like to thank the people of Hastings, friends and family for their continual support and kind donations.”

Mr Bacon, whose motto for the trip was ‘If Chris Moyles can do it, so can I’ after the previous climb by the rotund radio presenter, also visited some of the schools helped by his chosen charity.

He said: “We were able to see first hand the great work Childreach International was doing in transforming the lives of the indigenous young people.

“The children were adorable and we had the opportunity to play games and dance with them which was tremendous fun.”