Industrial units to disappear to make way for new homes

PLANS for Ore Business Park to be transformed into a residential development, complete with 37 new homes, have been given the go-ahead.

The proposed new development on the site of the business park, in Farley Bank, will comprise three-bed terraced houses, along with one, two, and three-bed flats.

The five existing industrial units on the site, of which only one is currently in use, are to be demolished.

Opponents of the scheme were concerned that Hurrell Road might be turned into a rat run if upgraded as proposed, in order to provide better access to the development.

Tanya Turner, speaking on behalf of Hurrell Road residents at the Planning Committee meeting last Wednesday, voiced concerns about the adequacy of parking for the new development, and the likely increase in traffic on the road.

Simon Bareham, speaking on behalf of the developer, Lewis and Co. Planning, argued that the increase in traffic during peak hours would amount to one car every five minutes, which was not a substantial increase.

He added that the proposed development had been reduced in scale since the original application was refused planning permission in June 2010, from 48 to 37 units.

He described the development as “cradle to grave”, with the homes built in a way that it was possible to adapt them where necessary, for example, installing stair lifts. The committee voted in favour of the proposal. Cllr Peter Finch added: “I think it is going to be an improvement for the area, I really do.”