Hundreds wrongly claimed discount on council tax

IN more than 800 cases people were found to be claiming single person council tax discount they were not entitled to, following a review which is to save the council £35,000.

Hastings Borough Council has been working in partnership with the other councils in East Sussex to conduct a review of single person council tax discount.

In all 53,449 cases of residents’ eligibility to single person discount were looked at, and as a result, in 813 cases in Hastings, residents were found to be claiming discount they were not entitled to.

Councillor Jeremy Birch, leader of Hastings Borough Council, said: “We have welcomed this review resulting in overall savings of £236,000 of which £35,000 comes directly to HBC with the remainder to the county and other preceptors.

“The savings will be re-allocated back into council budgets and spent on services.

“The single person discount is there to help those living on their own and it’s important that only those who really need the benefit relief actually receive it.

“Residents who are paying full council tax should not be subsidising those that are not entitled to claim the discount.”