Humanists discuss the EU

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Hastings Humanists hosted a debate on whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union or leave.

The event, held last Thursday (April 14) proceeded with opening statements by the panel, Mr Stephen Milton and Mr Leonard Sterling both for and against the motion.

Event organiser Mike Lynott says it was a lively debate. “Both members put forward valid and convincing arguments and then the discussion was opened up to comments from the audience,” he said. “Despite the passion of the subject, the discussions were good humoured, polite and well informed – as befits a freethought group.

“Conversations ranged from the emotional sense of belonging and national pride to the more hardnosed number considerations of the potential financial impact taking in detours around issues of war, immigration, fishing quotas and even vacuum cleaners on the way!

“Graham Bishop an independent consultant on European financial affairs, gave a short and informative talk about the financial benefits of remaining a member of the EU.

“The discussion lasted for two hours and explored the long-term effects of our decision in the forthcoming referendum and tried to avoid letting sentiment cloud the issues and while very few people changed their opinion as a result.

“I think everybody left with a lot to think about after a thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening and thank you to all those who attended”