Householders’ parking fears over street plan

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RESIDENTS are fuming after learning about plans that could stop them being able to park outside their own homes due to a main road alteration.

People living in 10 houses on Rye Road facing the Hastings Academy have been informed of the county council’s plans for their section of the street.

Two disabled couples fear they will not be able to get in or out of their homes as they will now have to park 40 metres away in Winchelsea Avenue. A prohibitation of waiting at any time between numbers 73 to 93 Rye Road was issued last month. This is to allow vehicles to turn right into the main entrance gates of the Academy. The plans include widening a crossing outside the school and moving the 40mph zone further down the A259. Heather Harrison, 50, suffers from severe epilepsy and mobility problems. She used a disabled parking bay outside her house which will now be taken away. “How am I supposed to get dropped off now,” she said. “I have to have someone with me to get down the steps to my house.

“I can’t just be dropped off and left alone. I can’t walk from Winchelsea Lane - its too far away and you’re not guaranteed a parking place.”

Carol Cane, is also registered disabled suffering from sciatica. The 54-year-old says she can’t be expected to walk far.

County council spokesman, Tim Fletcher, said: “We appreciate this will result in the loss of some parking spaces but the right turn and the other planned changes are all aimed at ensuring children can walk to school safely. We are providing a new disabled parking space a short distance away from the one which will be lost.”