House to Home with Amber Rudd MP: Young ones rule the Easter roost

LAST weekend was a spectacular one for the young of Hastings.

There were a number of events for young people that they allowed slightly more mature residents like myself to enjoy with them ...

I particularly enjoyed the interpretation of Hansel and Gretel at St Mary-in-the-Castle put on by a group of teenagers and Hastings Young Creative Leaders, carefully guided and mentored by Creative Partnerships.

It was Hastings’ own Hunger Games. For those of you who haven’t followed the debate, the new film The Hunger Games, based on novels for teenagers has had substantial criticism of its rating as a 12a when it features the hunting and murdering of 24 children in a nightmarish future world.

I went to Hansel and Gretel expecting a gentle children’s fairy tale. Wrong! It was almost as frightening as The Hunger Games, particularly as the show was done by moving the audience round different scenes in narrow, eerie corridors of St Mary-in-the-Castle. It was a confident and unsettling depiction of two lost children falling prey to a wicked adult.

The young actors did a convincing job and the sets were original and effective.

On a lighter note the Easter Market for St Michael’s Hospice on The Stade was a great success.

For the first time they had a run for the children, a colouring competition and my favourite, a fancy dress competition. There were some excellent Spidermen and Supermen, some charming Cinderellas, and even a Little Mermaid.

But my favourite and the winner that day was a little girl wearing an egg, like Humpty Dumpty, and as her hat the cracked top of it as though perfectly cut off a boiled egg. She told me her nan had made it. It had involved a lot of papier-mâché. She looked fantastic.

And then her mother shared the other piece of good news, “we’ve also raised £100 for the hospice, so it’s all been worth it!”

Yes, it has. Nice to see that it’s never too early to start supporting local charities, and hopefully having fun at the same time. Happy Easter everyone!