Homes plan for land behind Barley Lane rejected

Plans to knock down garages behind Barly Lane were rejected
Plans to knock down garages behind Barly Lane were rejected

JUBILANT residents scored a victory this week after plans to build two new houses in a flood-prone area were thrown out.

Developers from Elevations Designs Ltd wanted to knock down 11 garages and put the homes in their place on land behind Barley Lane.

Council planning officers recommended approval but councillors were unimpressed at Tuesday’s meeting and refused permission.

Angry residents signed two petitions and the council received many objection letters.

Tony Boardman, of Barley Lane, and speaking on behalf of residents, said: “I have yet to meet one resident who is not opposed to this application. The land stability issue has been inadequately addressed.

“There is very clear evidence of serious concern because there have been two past occasions of landslip here in the last 30 years. The last one in 1986 cost the council £500,000 and it affected houses right down to Boyne Road.”

Cllr Matthew Beaver won applause from the audience as he slammed the proposals and urged fellow councillors to refuse permission.

He said: “There have been many times when the road has flooded, even on the hottest day in the summer. It’s not a myth or urban legend, it’s there (flooding).”

Cllr Beaver said there were concerns over reptiles, dormice and badgers on the site.

A similar scheme in the same road was refused planning permission in December 2010 by the council.

Cllr Emily Westley said: “I can’t see any changes from the previous application so I am confused why we have this back again.”

Ray Crawford, borough planning officer, said the position of the two houses had since changed, as well as their design.

Southern Water wrote to the council saying that the sewerage system in the area is not able to cope with additional surface water.

Cllr Maureen Charlesworth voiced its fears and said: “In the summer season traffic going up and down Barley Lane is heavy. This application should not have even come before us.”

Cllr John Hodges, who represents Old Hastings ward, said the proposed houses would overlook the existing Victorian homes, causing loss of privacy, as well as increasing traffic.