Homeowners urged to protect their property

HOMEOWNERS are being urged to give their properties a maintenance check over following the atrocious wet winter weather.

The National House Building Council is offering a series of tips for residents to follow in order to protect homes for the long term. Heating: If you have a gas boiler, it’s important that you have it serviced annually by a competent and registered engineer. Chimneys and flues: If you have a fire that burns either wood or coal, arrange for the chimney to be swept at least once a year. For gas fires, make sure that the flue outlet is not blocked or obstructed on the external wall of the house. Radiators: To ensure that your central heating is as energy efficient as possible, releasing trapped air or gas by bleeding the radiators can make a real difference. Reflective panels fitted behind radiators can also reduce heat loss and save money. Smoke alarms: Alarms in new homes are wired into the mains, but in older properties may be battery operated, so ensure these are in working order. Remove any build up of dust and grime with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner nozzle. Roovers, gutters and exterior woodwork also need a once over. To download a handy checklist visit www.nhbc.co.uk.