Historian’s new book on the history of Hastings is out

Victoria Seymour
Victoria Seymour

A historian has written her latest book on the history of the town.

Victoria Seymour, who writes for the

She said: “Without it being the original intention, the articles have become a showcase for all that is unique to Hastings, its history and vibrant arts and festival scene. I am told that the series triggers memories for all generations, one reader describing it as potted history of Hastings.”

In her book Victoria has brought under the spotlight the famous and infamous of the town as well as exploring local monuments, buildings and business of the past and present. She explains Hastings traditions and customs and how people can get involved in the volunteer groups that organise Hastings many and varied public events. The book will be launched at The History House, 21 Courthouse Street at 2.30pm on Friday, October 17. Keith Ridley,