Help to find campsite friends

I am appealing for help in tracing a few old friends.

I have got a few thoughts of things that might trigger a memory.

The first girl’s first name is Tina and she will be aged around 54 or 55 now. We met in the mid 1970s.

We met at the Funnell camp site. One of her friends had a thing for pop group Mud particularly the hit single “Hypnosis” she also had either a gran or aunt who lived in London perhaps Bayswater and we travelled there once to meet up for the day

I was one of three guys from the north of London who were camping at Funnells.

The other thing we all remember is one Evening Tina turned up with another girlfriend who’s name we can’t remember but she had the thing about the Mud song.

They stayed over one night.

The people in the next tent were not impressed nearly started a fight with us.

The next day we were told to go and see Mr Funnell who gave us a telling off but let us stay which wound the people in the next tent up even more.

I think Mr Funnell liked us because he would find us odd jobs to do like cleaning his car for a free meal in the clubhouse.

Any help or idea’s would be most welcome.

Contact 01582 881878 or email:

Keith Moulds

Hastings Road