Help Jake make a splash

Jake Davis
Jake Davis

A loving mum has started a campaign to raise funds for a hydrotherapy room to help free her son from his wheelchair and relieve his pain from cerebral palsy.

Becky Davis’ son Jake, 23, has twice daily assisted physio sessions to prevent his joints from getting stiff and to stop painful leg cramps, which often keep him awake at night. Becky helps to move and stretch him as gently as she can, but says physio is one thing Jake gets upset about as he finds it very painful and stressful. She added: ”Although we both know it helps Jake, I often feel terrible, insisting that he has to do it when he says he doesn’t want to.

“A hydrotherapy pool would mean that he could do all his exercise in the water, which I know he would enjoy with the water taking the weight off his joints and muscles. It really is pain-free physio and I would love to be able to tell him one day that there will never be any of the other kind of physio ever again. He would be so happy!”

To do this Becky says they need to convert their garage to a hydrotherapy room with a small pool or swim spa equipped for Jake’s use. She said: “Jake has a very poor immune response so using a shared pool has always meant he has picked up infections that he takes ages to recover from. Jake is a super-happy young man. He is also quite a character locally, Hastings born and bred, with many friends. He always makes everyone smile with his happy personality, great sense of humour and infectious laugh.

“When Jake is taken out of his chair and goes into the water, a whole new world opens up for him. He is so free and finds confidence and abilities which still surprise me now. Jake has found out that in the water he can walk and move as freely as anyone else. It is truly so wonderful to see him like this. You can’t help but smile and laugh along with him. He swims around happily with swimming aids and wants to stay in the water all day.”

Fundraising for the hydrotherapy room, which will cost around £26,000, is well under way and includes support from Hastings Round Table which donated £1,000 and have planned a black tie dinner event in February. Peter Phillips, organiser of the world’s biggest Elvis Festival, is bringing four of the top award-winning Elvis acts in Europe to Hastings on January 18 at Azur, which is sponsoring the event. For more details on Jake’s disability, fundraising events or to donate visit or www.facebook. com/jakessplashofdelight.