Heartbreak for pet owner after cat is shot four times by airgun and dies

A PET owner has told of her heartbreak after her beloved cat died was shot by an airgun and later died.

Paula Blackman, of Parkwood Road, was devastated after she found her nine-year-old cat Charlie lying fatally wounded in her back garden last Saturday morning.

Paula, 47, took Charlie to the Senlac Vet centre in Battle where he underwent on operation to remove four airgun pellets.

Charlie survived the operation but later that evening died from his injuries. She was also left with a bill of £420.

Paul, who works in the pharmacy at the Conquest Hospital, wants all airguns to be licensed to protect animals and people from possible injury.

She has reported the incident to the RSPCA and Sussex Police who are making enquiries.

Charlie’s brother Chilli was involved in car crash two years ago. When a vet examined his body he found a pellet from an air gun. The cat survived but Paula is keeping a close eye on him.

“I can’t believe how cruel someone can be,” said Paula. “It was a traumatic experience. I rushed Charlie up to the vets and he came through the operation. But later that evening I had a call to say he was not going to make it and we should come straight away to the vets to say our goodbyes. I was stroking him he died. I just can’t understand how anyone could do this. There needs to be laws for licensing these airguns.

“They are extremely dangerous - what if it had been a young child? Whoever did this should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Last year three cat owners reported their pets had been shot.

Jenny Scott-Russell, 18, of Martineau Lane, reported her cat had been shot in the leg in July. The same month Camilla Dean, of Linley Drive, told how her cat Socks had to be put to sleep after being shot with an air rifle. And the following month Sarah Phillip’s cat Maisy was lucky to be left alive after she was shot at close range in her front left leg. The cat had to have emergency surgery. Also in August a thug climbed up scaffolding in Albany Road and threw a cat 30ft to the ground leaving it with a fractured jaw.

Anyone with information can call phone Sussex Police on 101 or email 101@sussex.pnn.police.uk, quoting serial 821 of 21/ or the RSPCA inspector line on 0300 123 8018.