Superbug outbreak forces closure of Conquest ward

A WARD at the Conquest Hospital was closed following an outbreak of the superbug MRSA.

Six patients in MacDonald Ward were discovered having the strain after they were admitted.

None of them developed a blood infection or became seriously ill but doctors closed the ward to new admissions.

Patients were also treated to prevent them developing infections after the bug was detected during a routine screening of patients. The news was revealed at a trust board meeting on Wednesday.

MacDonald Ward was closed on May 21 until 31.

Jane Hentley, chief nurse, said: “The fact that there were six patients in a similar situation led us to think there was cross contamination so we ordered a lockdown of the ward. None of the patients acquired a serious infection in the blood as our procedures in controlling it (MRSA) are very good.”

MRSA is a bacteria commonly found on the skin and/or in the noses of most people.

It is usually harmless unless it gets into cuts or wounds on the body. If this happens, it can then cause infections. In more serious cases it can lead to septicaemia (blood poisoning), which can be fatal.