Slammed Hastings care home gets £200,000 a year

Mount Denys Care Home, The Ridge, Hastings'18/08/11
Mount Denys Care Home, The Ridge, Hastings'18/08/11

THE owner of a care home has announced a £200,000 package to improve its services to its residents following a damning report by health inspectors.

Mount Denys, on The Ridge, which is owned by East Sussex County Council, was slammed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in its report published last month after inspectors from the watchdog discovered there had been incidents of residents attacking staff.

The CQC found 70 violent attacks recorded in the home’s logs, including 26 directed at staff.

It also criticised Mount Denys for not having sufficient numbers of skilled and experienced care staff, following the inspectors’ unannounced visit.

It said risk assessments were not completed fully, were not reviewed regularly and were not used appropriately.

The CQC reported that proper steps had not been taken to ensure people living in the home were receiving safe and appropriate, personalised care, treatment and support.

The county council announced the improvement package for Mount Denys, a home for older people with dementia, last week.

It is expected to cost around £200,000 per year.

The plan will include increasing staff numbers and providing more range and choice of activities for residents at Mount Denys.

Keith Hinkley, the county council’s director of adult social care, said: “Although the service user group at Mount Denys is particularly challenging it remains our responsibility to ensure the best possible care is provided and we have not met the standards we expect and the residents and their relatives deserve.

“Urgent action to improve standards has been taken and a longer-term plan is being developed to incorporate the valuable and important lessons learned from this inspection.”