New scanner will replace mobile unit

A NEW state-of-the-art scanner that gives high quality images of the inside of the body is to be installed at the Conquest Hospital.

The equipment, worth £1.25 million and known as a Computed Tomography (CT) scanner, will be bought from funding by the Department of Health.

It will be the second permanent CT scanner at the hospital and will replace a mobile unit that has previously been in use, allowing around 100 patients per week to be treated.

The scanner uses X-rays and computer processing to give detailed images that allow doctors to inspect the inside of a patient without having to operate. It is particularly good at identifying brain damage, tumours and internal injuries.

It will give extremely high quality images, which will help clinicians make better diagnosis and decisions about a patient’s condition and care.

Its high speed will make tests quicker for patients and it also gives less radiation compared to traditional scanners.

Dr Mo Faris, lead consultant in radiology, said: “The new CT scanner will be of significant benefit to patients. It will allow us to continue providing the best possible care by improving diagnosis and, therefore, patient outcomes. It will help us improve patient flow, meaning patients can be treated promptly, and will save the trust money meaning there is no need to employ an external provider.”

The purchase of the new scanner is part of an overall £330 million cash injection for NHS patients across England, the Government announced this week.