New safe sex campaign sets sights on teenagers

A CAMPAIGN has been launched in Hastings and across East Sussex to tackle the issue of teenage pregnancy.

The initiative, which has been designed by young people, has helped to achieve an 11 per cent reduction in teenage pregnancy in East Sussex.

Which one is easier to carry? was the concept chosen by young people to encourage them to take responsibility for their sexual health.

It asks teenagers to make a simple decision – carry a condom or carry a baby.

England and Wales has some of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in western Europe.

To help combat the issue East Sussex County Council and the local NHS commissioned a public health campaign developed for the target audience, by the target audience.

Trudy Mills, commissioning manager for maternity, children and young people, said, “Everything from the slogans to the campaign materials was decided by the young people of East Sussex.”

“I’m absolutely delighted with the programme. We’ve reached a vulnerable, hard-to-reach population and empowered them to take responsibility for their health.”

Rates of teenage pregnancy fell by 11 per cent, and 69 per cent of people said that the campaign made them think more about safe sex.