New one-stop clinic for hospital’s hip and knee patients

A ONE-STOP clinic has been extended at the Conquest Hospital to help improve the service to patients undergoing hip and knee replacements.

A scheme was originally introduced at the hospital as part of a programme of short-stay joint replacement operations carried out by consultant Hugh Apthorp.

The clinic has now been developed further by the orthopaedic department to educate and assess all patients who are due to have hip and knee surgery.

Traditionally patients had to visit hospital at least twice before such procedures, first to see a nurse who would assess their fitness for surgery and then to be seen by the physiotherapy and occupational therapy and research departments.

The new clinic combines all of these in a single visit.

Kim Boorman, orthopaedic pre-operative assessment sister, said: “This one-stop clinic allows patients to have all the information they need ahead of the operation in one go, which is better for the patient and it is more efficient for us too.

“It means only one appointment has to be made and, if hospital transport is required, only one booking for transport.

“Getting patients fully prepared before their operation really helps their recovery.

“We have one of the lowest hospital length of stays in the country for hip and knee replacements and this clinic helps achieve that.

“If people know exactly what they have to do following their procedure then everything is in place for them to return home as soon as possible.”