New high-tech laser will treat eye conditions at Conquest Hospital

PATIENTS with an eye condition that can cause blindness are set to benefit from a new high-tech laser as part of their treatment at the Conquest Hospital.

The machine provides high-resolution pictures of the inside of the eye and high definition 3D scans.

It can speed up the diagnosis of the condition called macular degeneration, which can cause a person to go from having normal sight to being blind within three months.

The laser also aids the screening of 20,000 diabetic patients a year and 12,000 patients with glaucoma.

The equipment, which costs £55,000, has been bought by the League of Friends of Bexhill Hospital for the Conquest’s ophthalmology department.

The Friends have also agreed to buy other equipment for patients, including a new £10,000 computer controlled device that helps optometrists doing eye examinations prescribe the correct lens.

They have donated £5,000 for a hydraulic legging system for the use of the obstetrics theatres, which minimises pressure on the patient’s calf nerves during operations.

Two specialised operating stools, each costing £795, will also be bought by the Friends.

They are capable of being raised or lowered with the feet, enabling surgeons to carry out work while seated.

Other equipment includes two self-propelled wheelchairs and one manual wheelchair, costing £550, for the physiotherapy team using the Egerton Rehabilitation Gym and an apparatus that helps patients who are able to stand but cannot walk to move from one place to another, at a cost of £290.