New heart machine for Conquest patients

A NEW piece of equipment designed to help patients with heart conditions has been donated to the Conquest Hospital.

The portable echocardiogram (echo) machine, worth £50,000, was bought by the Friends in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation.

It is used to check the structure of the heart to help clinicians diagnose and treat cardiac problems. The new machine has a Trans-Oesophageal Echo (TOE) probe, which allows images to be taken from inside the body, giving clearer views of the heart than a standard echocardiogram.

The equipment is state-of-the-art and portable which allows it to be manoeuvred easily at the patient’s bedside and for procedures to be performed in different areas of the hospital.

Sean Gaughan, senior chief cardiac physiologist, said: “The department is very thankful to the Friends of the Conquest Hospital for raising the majority of the money for the equipment.

“The machine is now in operation and is an invaluable tool, allowing the use of ultrasound to image the function of the patient’s heart in a painless and safe way.”