Independent mental health unit to close

A MENTAL health care home is set to close.

Hillside in St Saviours Road, St Leonards, currently offers rehabilitation and support to eight adults but will shut once alternative arrangements have been made for the patients.

This could lead to the loss of up to 19 jobs, although Care UK which runs the independent centre, says it is trying to find staff positions elsewhere.

Care UK is now working with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to work out how the patient’s can be best accommodated within the local NHS.

And a spokesman for Care UK said the reason for the closure was that recent developments in the rehabilitation services provided by the NHS here in 1066 Country has made it harder to fill its beds.

Ian Watling, of Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Every resident’s needs will be assessed to ensure everyone is provided with the most appropriate care.

“We aim to find the right place for each person so that they can continue their recovery.

“The needs of the individual residents are at the forefront of Sussex Partnership and Care UK’s thinking; we have, for example, ensured that all the patients will have access to independent advocacy.

“Ultimately this is about making sure people get the best possible rehabilitation and recovery.”

Assuming that the right alternative care can be found for all the patients the unit will close in September.