Hospital staff faced abuse 100 times

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HOSPITAL doctors and nurses at the Conquest were subject to verbal and physical violence at work on almost 100 occasions over the last year.

According to figures released by bosses, staff were threatened with some sort of weapon in two separate cases between April last year and the end of March.

And there were 23 cases where staff suffered minor physical abuse at the hospital on The Ridge.

There were 99 incidents in total, and 180 at the Conquest’s sister hospital, the DGH.

A spokesman for East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs both the Conquest and Eastbourne’s DGH, said: “Violence against our staff is completely unacceptable. No staff member should go to work thinking that violence or abuse is part of their everyday life.

“The number of incidents illustrates the added pressure faced by our staff in delivering care to patients.

“We take security very seriously and operate a zero tolerance policy encouraging staff to report all incidents of violence or abuse both physical and verbal.

“We do not believe this data indicates that the trust’s hospitals are violent places, but rather that we have effective reporting systems and staff feel confident about using them.”