Fight goes on for young father-of-two

James Beeching and family SUS-170928-101442001
James Beeching and family SUS-170928-101442001

A man in need of a double lung transplant was left devastated after being given false hope of a life-saving operation – spurring his family to highlight the importance of organ donation.

James Beeching suffers from cystic fibrosis – an incurable condition that causes mucus to build up in the lungs. The father-of-two went viral on social media last year after recording an emotional video for his three-year-old twins to remember him by after he’s gone.

James' nephew, Noah Chapman, raised �800 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

James' nephew, Noah Chapman, raised �800 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

The 35-year-old dad has since been in and out of hospital, and is now extremely ill. He is currently under the care of a specialist CF hospital in London and if he does not receive a double lung transplant, he will not survive.

His sister, Crystal Chapman, said: “Last Wednesday morning, from his hospital bed, James contacted myself, my mother, my siblings and his wife to say that he had received a call for lungs from the transplant team. Finally, after 14 months on being on the transplant list, this was it!

“After being rushed by ambulance to the transplant hospital, more tests, waiting, hoping, James was told that the donor’s lungs weren’t viable and he was taken back to the CF hospital.

“As you can imagine this was soul destroying for James and all who love him so dearly.

James Beeching SUS-180323-093426001

James Beeching SUS-180323-093426001

“He was so close to a chance of seeing his children grow up and then back to the waiting list full of others who are also in desperate need of new lungs.”

On Sunday (March 18), James uploaded another video to his social media, which has been viewed more than 54,000 times. In it, he says: “Six days ago I got rushed into hospital really unwell. Then I got my phone call for a transplant the next morning so I got transferred to another hospital, but it was a false alarm, the lungs were not viable. It is okay, it happens.

“They said when we were there that they are seeing a change and that more people are donating, they have noticed that in the last few months. So I just want to say thanks to anyone who has shared their wishes and thank you to that person who said they wanted to be a donor and to their family, because they could have potentially saved my life.”

James has been raising awareness and much-needed funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and more recently, Live Life, Give Life, for which he is an ambassador. His family is also helping raise awareness of the condition, and the importance of organ donation. Crystal’s nine-year-old son, Noah Chapman, ran the Hastings mini run for Uncle James last weekend, raising £800 for the CF Trust.

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