Donation to benefit Conquest rehabilitation patients

NEW equipment has been donated to the Conquest Hospital to help patients in their rehabilitation.

Two specialist wheelchairs and a patient turner have been purchased by the physiotherapy department following a donation from the League of Friends of Bexhill Hospital.

The wheelchairs are specialised to help patients propel themselves, while the turner helps patients stand and transfer from one seating position to another.

The equipment cost £736 in total and is being used in the physiotherapy gym.

Sarah Lovelock, team lead physiotherapist in neurology and rehabilitation, said: “The new equipment makes such a difference and we are very grateful to the Friends.

“Before getting the wheelchairs, we had to find a porter to help transport patients from A to B but now we can do it ourselves.

“It saves any delays and means we can transport more patients at any one time.

“The patient turner is very simple but makes such a difference.

“It allows us to start standing patients at an earlier stage and means less staff are needed to help the patient move from one place to another.”