Damning Mount Denys care home report released

PATIENTS at a care home for elderly people with dementia regularly fought with each other while one suffered from dehydration and another from MRSA, according to a damning new report.

The full report into Mount Denys, on The Ridge, was carried out during the summer by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) revealing shocking standards of care for its elderly patients including high levels of violence and inadequate staffing.

After failing to meet 13 essential standards of care East Sussex County Council was directed by the commission to improve standards and has now spent £200,000 on the premises.

Following visits in July, CQC inspectors found that the care provided fell short of the essential standards of quality and safety expected from a care home.

In August the commission took enforcement action against the home.

Since then the authority has been taking urgent steps to move to make sure the home complies with all essential standards.

The report, which was published this week, highlighted 10 areas of major concern found during the inspection.

The commission has since completed two inspections and has now lifted its warning notices.

The full report revealed:

*There was a culture of physical and verbal abuse between residents and by residents on staff

*There were inadequate safeguards in place to protect people from harm

*There were 44 incidents of physical violence between residents and 26 reports of violence toward staff during May

*One resident was admitted to hospital suffering from dehydration - residents did not have access to drinks outside normal meal times

*One resident had an MRSA infection and blood from a wound seeped through a bandage and rubbed onto tables and chairs.

* Staff lacked the knowledge, experience and skills to appropriately support residents and keep them safe.

Keith Hinkley, director of adult social care at the county council, said: “There has been substantial progress in raising standards at Mount Denys. The CQC has completed two further inspections and as a consequence the warning notices have been lifted. We have a comprehensive action plan to deal with all the issues raised and have already completed some of the actions, such as an increase in staff numbers.

“The clients at Mount Denys are particularly challenging but it remains our responsibility to make sure that best possible care is provided and meets the standards we expect and which the residents and their relatives deserve.”

Roxy Boyce, CQC regional director for the south east, said: “The care at Mount Denys Care Home has fallen short of the standards people have a right to expect. Nevertheless, I welcome the fact that the provider has been urgently implementing improvements in services at the home and that the local authority has been co-operative with the inspection team. We will continue to scrutinise this service very closely to ensure these improvements are sustained.”