Conquest staff asked about maternity unit

STAFF at the Conquest Hospital’s problem-hit maternity unit will be quizzed on the way the ward runs as part of a review.

East Sussex Healthcare Trust has launched the consultation amid continuing uncertainty about the maternity unit’s future after inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found staff shortages and leadership problems as well as a host of other issues across the hospital.

Hospital chiefs stress that this will run alongside the independent review into the maternity care provided at the Conquest in a bid to provide a “robust, efficient and flexible” service led by midwives.

A spokesman for the trust said: “The consultation will seek the views of staff about how we deliver new ways of working that are more responsive to women’s individual needs. The aim is to ensure that the right people are involved at the every stage of a woman’s care and to ensure we make the most effective use of our staff’s skills.

“This new way of working will use our skills and resources more effectively to optimise safety, quality and the experience of care for women using our maternity services.”

The review began on Wednesday and will last for 90 days but the trust has vowed it will not lead to job losses.