Heads you win - a pay rise for council chiefs

HEADS of departments at the borough council have been given a pay rise just a year after management cutbacks and


The remaining three heads and seven directors have been given rises of between a few hundred pounds to several thousand.

The authority has been forced to make the cut backs in the last two years due to a loss of funding from central government.

Earlier this month council leader Jeremy Birch told how the authority must still find another £1.2m to save it from going over a financial “cliff edge.”

However the pay rises were approved by the Employment Committee earlier this month after a Local Government official recommended the increases.

This was due to the heads having to do more than one job since the chief executive Roy Mawford was made redundant last year.

Jane Butters, the borough solicitor, was made also redundant as part of the restructuring.

Two other heads of service have been accommodated in vacant positions.

In 2007 there was a chief executive, six directors and 31 ‘third tier’ managers.

In 2009 this was reduced to a chief executive, four directors and 16 heads of service.

In 2011 there was a chief executive, three directors and 10 heads of service.

Today the authority is down to the bare bones of management with just three directors and seven heads of service after a decision taken to reduce overheads even further.

Council leader Jeremy Birch said: “The rises are in line with what was approved by the Local Government department inspector. The

“Even though we are paying some of our heads a little more we are still making a saving of £375,000 in salaries since re-organisation”

The full list of rises:

Neil Dart, director of corporate resources, up from £81,471 to £82,500

Richard Homewood, director of environmental services, up from £73,458 to £75,000

Simon Hubbard, director of regeneration, up from £73,458 to £75,000

Peter Grace, head of finance, up from £66,171 to £67,500

Virginia Gilbert, head of amenities, leisure and resorts, unchanged on £60,278

Andrew Palmer, head of housing and development, up from £57,408 to £57,500

Mike Hepworth, head of environmental health up from £57,408 to £57,500

Monica Adams-Acton, head of regeneration and planning, up from £57, 408 to £57,500

Kevin Boorman, head of marketing and communications, up from £56,207 to £57,500

Jane Hartnell, head of corporate services, up from £54,744 to £60,834

Kevin Boorman said: “Two other former heads of service have also been accommodated in vacant posts,

effectively making savings in four posts in all including the chief executive.

“With costs such as National Insurance and pension, this saves the council £375,000 on annual salaries.”