Hastings Writers’ Group

On Monday, November 10, the award-winning playwright, Shaun McKenna, visited to give his feedback on our radio play entries and to announce the winners.

As previously, Shaun gave very constructive, supportive comments. He also played extracts from his own recent radio drama, Home Front, to illustrate his points on how to delineate character, create setting and move the plot forward in natural ways, appropriate for radio. Marcia Woolf was fourth with Crossed Lines; Strangeness on a Train, by Vicky Armstrong was third with second place going to Roz Balp’s Lost and Found.

The winner was All Those Heavenly Fowls, by Jill Fricker, which Shaun said was ready for immediate broadcast.

In our meeting on November 24, we read the first 1,000 words of our Catherine Cookson Cup entries – our annual 3,000-word short story competition. As always, there was a variety of genres, including adventure, mystery, humour, crime and ghost stories.

Settings spanned a hospital, a Marrakesh hotel and a cottage plagued by dark demons, populated by a diverse cast of characters, such as a foreign prince, a London bag lady and a destructive dog. Our focus was on how to hook readers into a story.

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