Hastings Writers’ Group

ON November 29, the Hastings Writers’ Group’s chairman, Monica Percy, put her members through their paces – at least those who had braved the sub-zero chill.

She organised an excellent workshop, entitled Every Object Tells a Story. Participants had thirty minutes to produce a piece featuring the following items: a large, yellow rubber glove, a small garden fork, a cuff-link, a wire coat hanger, a travel book and two £10 notes. All of these had to be included in a tale of a missing businesswoman called Emma Thornton.

For half an hour, nothing could be heard but the scribbling of ballpoints and the whirring of creative cogs. Then ensued the readings of the stories, which encompassed murder, revenge, affairs, sex change and a bad hair day extraordinaire. It all went to show that the best things in life are free, and even in this day and age we can create our own amusement!

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