Hastings Writers’ Club

HAVING missed a meeting during August, it felt distinctly like the start of the new ‘term’ as we met on Monday, September 2.

This time, we presented our entries for the David Buchan journalism competition. This is annually in memory of one of our most popular members, the late David Buchan, well-respected Fleet Street journalist.

As ever, there were entries on a wide variety of topics – starting with the Hastings to Bexhill Link Road, greeted by groans of despair by all present, via the ‘squeezed middle’ – aged, via cooking, privatising the Post Office, nuclear tests in Australia, waiting rooms, complaints to the Bedroom Tax. As ever, our judge will have a hard time.

We welcomed another three prospective members of the group – we have been delighted with current levels of interest in joining the group, particularly from younger people.

Congratulations to our chairman, Jill Fricker, who has just won a National Association of Writers’ Groups short story competition.

The Hastings Writers’ Group meets fortnightly at the White Rock Hotel. Our current group anthology, Strandline, is available at the Hastings Waterstones, in Priory Meadow.

We currently have a very few vacancies for new members - if you are interested in joining the group, or in finding out more about our activities, please contact the membership secretary, Amanda Giles, on 01424 442707 or email membership.hwg@gmail.com.

You can also visit our website at www.hastingswriters.co.uk, or find our page on Facebook.