Hastings woman died after overdose

A WOMAN died after overdosing on her prescription medication, an inquest heard on Wednesday, July 13.

Jean Lyons, 52, was found dead at home by her partner of 30 years, Andrew Sherman, on November 16, 2010.

Ms Lyons, of Priory Road, had taken a fatal dose of the drug Heminevrin, which she had been prescribed as a mild sedative since 1994. She was also found to have a blood alcohol level of almost three times the legal drink drive limit.

Mr Sherman, her partner of 30 years, said: “When she was drunk, she could be impulsive and attention-seeking.”

The previous evening Mr Sherman had found Ms Lyons attempting to swallow a large number of pills from a bottle, and had removed the remaining pills from her.

Ms Lyons then went to sleep on the living room floor and was covered over by a duvet by Mr Sherman. At about 8.45am the following morning, he found her still in the same position and called for an ambulance.

Ms Lyons, who worked as a cleaner, had suffered with alcoholism for many years and had previously attempted suicide in 1992 following an overdose. She was admitted to hospital at the time.

Doctor Rajesh Pandey said: “She showed a pattern of overdose and self-harm.”

He said that she must have stockpiled the pills, as her last prescription had been in October 2010.

Coroner Alan Craze said: “I haven’t enough evidence to say that she intended to bring her life to an end.”

An open verdict was recorded.