Hastings Winkle Club

THE Winkle Club has had a very satisfying month (May) with our Winkle Island Improvement Project Appeal practically reaching its target.

We just have to raise enough money to finance the memorial plaques which will be fitted to each bench-seat and then we will be there.

On Sunday, August 10, the Winkle Club will be holding a grand opening ceremony and the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports (club patron ) will be in attendance. There will be a procession down to Winkle Island where the actual ceremony will take place at 1pm.

We hope for fine weather, a good crowd and all those who have contributed towards the appeal will be invited. It is still not too late to donate, however, and cheques should be made out to Hastings Winkle Club and dropped in or posted c/o The Fishermen’s Institute, 97 All Saints Street, TN34 3BE. (Please mark “Appeal.”)

The Fishermen’s Club was packed for our Spring Social and we were entertained by the fantastic Loose Ends who were very well received by all. The raffle and collection raised a useful sum for the appeal and for Winkle Club charities.

Please don’t forget that we have a quiz night on the last Wednesday of every month in the Fishermen’s Club, All Saints Street. We can soon find you a team to join if you are on your own or just a couple. It is a fun evening which begins from 7.30pm for 8pm and there is always a raffle and refreshments. Come and join us.

We are still giving regular talks to a variety of organisations and clubs. If your club would like to hear something about the history of the Winkle Club then do contact us via the honorary secretary at the Fishermen’s Institute or telephone at the weekends on 01424 429300.

We have some exciting events coming up on Pirate Day (July 20) and Carnival Day (August 2) but we urgently need bucket shakers to raise money for Winkle Club funds. If you can help, if only for an hour or so, then please call our fundraising officer on 07584 862342 or pop in to the Fishermen’s Club. We really need you.

I shall be writing again throughout the summer with more details of Winkle Club events such as the Crazy Golf Tournament on July 30 from 6pm and and the Old Town Bingo-Game: “Linco-Lingo” which will be held in the club’s HQ on August 30

So, lots to look forward to. Please join us in raising money for local good causes as we have been formore than 114 years.