Hastings student’s drawing to be on show at New York exhibition

Bewl Woods SUS-180117-104721001
Bewl Woods SUS-180117-104721001

A teenager is to have his drawing displayed at an exhibition in New York this weekend.

Bewl Woods, 15, who attends William Parker Academy, has submitted a piece of artwork based on Brony culture and the video game Destiny.

The teenager’s piece will be part of an exhibition, called Postcards from the Edge, at Gallery 524 in Chelsea, Manhattan, which runs from Friday (January 19) until Sunday (January 21).

Bewl’s uncle, Kim Wan, said: “Bewl has had his drawing accepted to be in a major fundraising event held once a year in New York.

“Postcards from the Edge raises funds to bring awareness and support to the issue of AIDS, especially within the arts and the arts community of New York and beyond.

“The drawing itself is a depiction of My Little Pony as a Destiny character, skilfully rendered as playful looking, yet majestic and powerful at the same time.”

A brony is a male fan of the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Destiny is an online first-person shooter game set around 700 years in the future.

Kim said: “The concept of the exhibition is that postcard-sized artworks are displayed within a gallery space without the artist’s name being made public.

“Postcards are contributed by famous artists, as well as first-timers and lesser known artists, while retaining a high standard of work within the show.

“Buyers then have the opportunity to purchase an artwork which could possibly be made by an internationally acclaimed artist with the emphasis on the fact that they could acquire something of greater value than the price they pay for it.

“The artworks sell for $85 each with an early bird ticket costing $100 to attend the opening.

“Bewl has been making artworks since he was very young.

“He is very enthusiastic about art and very talented.

“He got an email last week confirming that his drawing would be on show and was really pleased about it.

“It’s truly amazing that a student from Hastings has had his work accepted into a major New York gallery, yet again it shows just what this town is capable of.

“Everyone is very proud of Bewl and this looks like just one of many achievements to come.”

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