Hastings student died of overdose

A STUDENT was found dead on the sofa by his friend after he took a lethal mixture of drugs and alcohol.

Thomas Wiseman, 21, of Mount Pleasant Road, had been out in town drinking with friends at a birthday party the night before and stayed over at Stanley Rapley’s house in Combermere Road, St Leonards.

He fell asleep shortly after arriving there but Mr Rapley and his brother Arnold were unable to wake him up the next morning.

Paramedics were called but Mr Wiseman sadly died.

An inquest into his death, which happened on April 3, was held on Wednesday, November 9.

A post-mortem examination by Dr Ian Hawley, Conquest pathologist, revealed that Mr Wiseman died after taking took much heroin and methadone and mixing it with alcohol.

His mum, Debra, said: “In June last year Tom told me he had bi-polar disorder after he visited a clinic and two weeks later I found a medication box on the TV in the living room, discovering that the drug he was prescribed was one for heroin addiction.

“I didn’t let on to him that I knew but wanted him to tell me himself. He did a few weeks later and said he was attending regular counselling and sessions with Addaction.”

She said her son started studying for a new degree in London in September last year and got a job as a teaching assistant in a primary school.

She added: “By February this year Tom looked very healthy and fit and was excited to get a placement to work in Brazil next year as part of his course.”

Coroner Alan Craze said: “Mr Wiseman made several attempts to kick his heroin habit and get back to some normality but because the drug is so powerful it is well nigh impossible for a lot of people to get off it.

“You can lose tolerance of heroin very quickly within days after coming off it so it is pure Russian roulette.

“Mr Wiseman was trying to get a job and take degrees and lead a full life but the sad thing is the heroin got to him.”

He recorded a verdict of death by dependence on drugs.