Hastings smashes world record on Pirate Day, snatching crown back from Penzance

Pirates in Hastings who helped smash the world record
Pirates in Hastings who helped smash the world record
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HASTINGS has snatched the crown back as the town with the most pirates in one place.

Sea dogs, buccaneers and Jack Sparrow wannabees descended on Pelham beach yesterday (Sunday) as part of a world record attempt, smashing the record held by Penzance.

A total of 14,231 pirates gathered on the beach, drawfing the Cornish town’s previous figure of 8,734, allowing Hastings to reclaim the title it previously held in August 2010.

The town hall was also host to a true pirate wedding.

Not only were the bride, Emma Drury and groom Jim Ward dressed as pirates, so were Kate Dyer, the deputy superintendent registrar and Linda Miller, the deputy registrar.

They were joined by town hall staff Lisa Greathead, Sarah Crosby and Kevin Brookshaw who also dressed as pirates, and, to add a final flourish, the town hall flagpole flew the skull and crossbones.

At the end of the festivities yesterday, scores of people gathered to watch a display by the Red Arrows from 5.30pm.

Council leader Jeremy Birch said: “This was another great Hastings day, with the town claiming the first gold of the summer as the pirate record returned home, and a real pirate wedding taking place here too.

“It was great that the town, and the town hall, were able to enter into the spirit of the occasion. I would like to wish Emma and Jim all the very best for the future. We were all pleased that they were able to get spliced here on Pirate Day.”