Hastings Senior Mens Forum

OUR speaker this week was Mike Barrow who spoke on his life as a fisherman.

Born in Somerset just before the war, he had always lived by the sea so when his family moved to Hastings after the war it was no surprise he spent a lot of his time on the beach helping with the boats instead of going to school.

None of his family were fishermen in fact his father was a baker. When he left school he signed up as a cook on the boats out of Lowestoft.

The wages were £12 a week plus poundage. At 17 he was made a bosun on the Boston/Halifax deep sea fleet.

The boats would fish the cold waters of the North Sea and at times they had to use axes to remove the ice from the riggin. He told how distant water boat crews had to work shifts 12 to 16 hours at a time but all the boats made it home in time for Christmas.

After an hour of telling his many tales of the sea he finished by showing the members items of interest connected to fishing.

His talk went down very well with the members and we hope he will give us another talk in the future.

All are welcome on any Tuesday at 2pm at St Matthews Hall, Silverhill.