Hastings Senior Men’s Forum

ON March 18 we had an illustrated talk Around the Memorial by Edward Preston.

Albert the Prince Consort died in 1861 and Queen Victoria gave permission that all cities, towns and villages may erect a memorial in his name.

Hastings erected one in the town centre and it was built in 1864 with a clear unobstructed view to the sea. It was built with a clock and a tower to enable the townsfolk to be aware of an accurate time whenever they are in the area.

This was taken down a few years ago and the statue of the Prince was put in a greenhouse, and perhaps one day it may be returned to its original home.

Mr Preston went on to give a description of all the buildings that were standing at the time in close proximity to the memorial and he pointed out many plaques that have been erected to commemorate many famous people and events.

This revived many memories of the recent past of our town to our members and proved a very interesting afternoon.

On March 25 we had an illustrated talk Getting my Knees Brown by Rod MacArthur. This proved to be an interesting talk about military service in hot climates.

Mr MacArther was an officer in the Royal Engineers. His first posting in the 1960s was to Aden. He was involved in enlarging the camp site buildings, constructing bridges and roads, where possible using local labour as the heat made hard work draining with heat exhaustion to British soldiers.

He recalled many funny incidents that happened during his tour and of course in this troubled area they were all aware of being on active service.