Hastings Senior Men’s Forum

ON February 25 we had a talk on The Hanoverian Reign from Freddie Thorns.

The government did not wish for a Catholic monarch after Queen Anne died so in 1701 the Act of Settlement was made that only Protestants could inherit the throne so a monarch was sought from the House of Hanover and so George I was summoned to the throne.

He did not speak English and spent most of his time in Hanover, but his reign was quite successful. George II at the age of 44 came to the throne. Word has it that the Prime Minister Robert Walpole took His Highness to hear Handel play the Messiah and it was so good the King stood and gave a rousing applause and of course whatever the king did the audience followed, and so this tradition has followed ever since.

George II was the last king to lead his men into battle and this was against Bonnie Prince Charlie at Culloden.

During George III’s reign a tax on tea was imposed and opposition to this tax led to the Boston Tea Party.

He loved England so much he had the nickname Farmer George and died of old age after 10 years of illness.

George IV, his second son when as Prince Regent, converted a farmhouse into what became the Brighton Pavilion, a symptom of his extravagant way of life, but as like his father had been born in England was the last of the Hanoverians. A potted history the members found very interesting.