Hastings Senior Men’s Forum

ON October 8 we had an illustrated talk from Sam Langley on Memories of Hastings.

This reminded many members present of so many aspects of our town that was familiar to them and no longer feature in our town today, the trams and trolleybuses that used to be a mode of transport many years ago, St Leonards pier, that at the time gave us two piers for entertainment and enjoyment and in those days Hastings pier used to cater for paddle steamer trips along the coast.

The clock tower in the town centre which was a landmark in the town, likewise the cricket ground which used to stage county cricket matches, provided a hub of activity before the site was turned into the present shopping centre.

This whole area used to flood badly as it included an area built above where the old Hastings Harbour used to be. Many buildings were shown that no longer exist, or have been replaced by buildings we are familiar with today; one example the Plummer Roddis departmental store which is now Debenhams. All told a most interesting look at ‘yesterday’ Hastings which renewed many happy memories to our members.