Hastings Senior Men’s Forum

ON October 1 we had a talk from Kevin Boorman on Marketing Hastings.

He is employed by the local council in this role, but we are fortunate to have a man who was born and bred from a Hastings Old Town family, and this means promoting Hastings is more than a job it has a personal appeal.

He is also responsible for promoting the whole of 1066 Country. He has had tourist marketing appointments in other parts of the UK and abroad. His main function in promoting tourism in the Hastings area is to encourage viisitors to the many attractions on offer, but to encourage visitors to spend in the hotels, restaurants and shops within the town.

Moving the coach park to the Falaise Road area does not appear to have been detrimental as average day spend by eash day visitor is £20 to £30. Overnight stay visitors and foreign visitors will spend a great deal more. Language students, some 35,000 visit and stay within the town area and during their stay spend in the shops and entertainment venues.

Many local activities such as Jack-in-the-Green, Old Town Carnival Week are supported by the council as they generate income from locals as well as visitors and help and create local jobs.

The various events that take place are spread as much as possible throughout the year, this helps to encourage visits over longer periods of the year; and not just concentrate on the brief summer months.

Plans are afoot to improve local attractions such as Hastings Castle and as widely advertised the reconstruction of the pier. Kevin explained their is still much work to be done, but positive marketing has been achieved over the last few years.