Hastings Senior Men’s Forum

ON January 15 we had an illustrated talk from Richard Pollard on Sidney Little.

Sidney Little was born in 1882 in Carlisle. He was a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers. He was appointed to work for Hastings Borough Council in 1926.

His first project was the seafront town roads. He decided it was necessary to lift the tram lines and take them away for storage for future use.

Sidney then used giant steam generators and put down bore holes, then put in the tram rails and filled all the holes with concrete and thereby made our prom wider. This new method proved very successful and lasted more than 70 years, was watertight until several years ago when resurfacing ensured it was again watertight.

He undertook building the underground car park, but it was found the Carlisle public house was in the way so it was lifted and moved to where it is now. Sidney renovated the existing swimming pool in 1935 on a tight budget which lasted for many years.

He built the Olympic swimming pool in west St Leonards, but to cut costs he built it six feet short of the standard size and along with the chalets it became a holiday camp. This is no longer there.

These are jusst a few of the projects that he undertook during his time as Borough Engineer. His achievements improved our town in so many ways and he was fondly called Mr Concrete because of the many ways he utilised the use of concrete in the projects he undertook.

Mr Pollard has written a book on his many achievements so his memory will live for many years.