Hastings Senior Men’s Forum

ON December 11 we had a talk from Roy Glew on the BBC.

Mr Glew was a sound recording technician. He joined the BBC as a young man and was immediately transferred to Glasgow. He told us of many happenings that occurred during programmes. In the early days the microphones were rather large and in one case a Prof Honeyman hit his head during a broadcast and knocked himself out; in this instance it was on live TV.

In 1961 the BBC staff all moved to London to the new BBC centre where there were many studios of various sizes and there are many companies producing all sorts of programmes on differing budgets ranging in costs of hundreds of pounds to many thousands of pounds.

He gave us many examples of incidents that happened at the centre in the many programmes he was involved in over the years. Our afternoon ended with a very energetic question and answer entertaining session and our thanks to a very interesting speaker.