Hastings Senior Men’s forum

On the 23rd October we had a talk from Mr Keith Ridley Managing Editor of the Observer Newspapers just 3 weeks after its re-vamp and price increase. The Observer now has four editions working across East Sussex. The changes that have taken place are many; one of them is that now their are no proof readers, so journalists must now check their own copy. The Observer now has its own Facebook and Twitter pages and even now the numbers of young readers visiting the sites is growing, this is just one way of encouraging younger members visiting the papers and its contents. Overall the paper is up by 16 pages which includes 2 extra pages devoted to Sport. Another reason why the sale price has had to go up is because the cost price has risen by some 28% Across the UK their are now over 600 weekly papers printed; of these the Observer is the 11th highest selling weekly; over 80,000 copies sold in the Hastings area. The paper is constantly looking for ways to improve its contents and circulation. Interest in the talk by members was highlighted by the many and varied questions asked and well answered by our speaker.