Hastings Senior Men’s Forum

ON October 16 we had a talk on the job of Park Rangers from Nick Hennessey.

Nick is one of seven Rangers who cover both town parks and country parks. Nick initially started working as a volunteer, learning all the basics of the trade before he became a full-time Ranger covering town parks doing as much patrol work as possible, ensuring his park areas were safe, clean and enjoyable.

He wears a high viz coat so as the public can see him if he is needed and ‘police’ the area if necessary and he is also in radio contact with the local authority base.

He carries a camera to identify any damage that has occurred. Penalty notices are issued to control cycling and to stop dogs fouling where the owner has not cleared up the mess.

Country Park Rangers’ work is mainly conservation and work with many groups in trying to maintain and keep nature as it is. They go out to schools and other young people groups to tell them how to look after the countryside.

They work hard to ensure that all our park areas are as we wish them to be.