Hastings Senior Men’s Forum

ON October 2 we had a talk from the Rev Peter Timms on Murder and Murderers, a rather macabre subject, but our speaker had been a prison governor prior to taking Holy Orders, and as such interviewed many male and female murderers who were serving ‘life’.

Many murders are committed within the family, as high as 85 per cent. Some commit murder because they believe what they are doing is right and some think that to continue killing is also right, as in mass killings such as at schools etc.

Many people think it is wrong to release a murderer early and therefore some probation officers apply what is known as the McNorton Rules, which asks did the murderer know what they were doing, have they improved while inside, can they cope and settle on the outside?

These and many more questions must be considered before a prisoner is put before a board of release. After a long question and answer session as to the mental state of murderers and how they cope with long periods inside we all left with much ‘food for thought’.