Hastings rock fall leaves residents homeless

Residents have been evacuated from their homes following rock fall from a cliff top.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon (Thursday, December 13) at White Rock.

Hastings Borough Council said it evacuated people from their homes at 22 White Rock.

The public are strongly advised to stay away from the cliff top area.

The authority said a large rock fell onto the flat roof of the ground-floor shop and a larger rock had come through the rear wall of the first-floor flat, which was only discovered when the tenant of the flat returned home.

A spokesman said council officers found alternative accommodation for those directly affected, but are delivering advice to householders because of the safety implications for those living in the immediate area.

The council is arranging for the cliff to be re-surveyed, it said.

A spokesman for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS) said: “At 3.06pm yesterday (December 13) three crews from Hastings and Battle, including the Rope Rescue Team and the Technical Rescue Unit, attended an incident involving a rock fall into the rear of a building.

“An assessment of a property in White Rock, Hastings, was carried out, as well as a Technical Rescue Unit assessment.

“A building inspector attended the incident, which resulted in four properties becoming inhabitable.”

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