Hastings Quiz League

AFTER four matches Bo Peep B team remain unbeaten and lead the Hastings Division, with Ashburnham Arms tet to gt off the mark.

In the Romney, Rye and Coastal section Royal Oak, Pett, beat Warren A in a top of the table clash and now go to the top.


Royal George, Hurst Green 54

Millers Arms A 51

Fairlight Lodge B 56

Bo Peep B 57

Warren A 41

Playden Oasts 37

Millers Arms B 31

Ashburnham Arms 36

Bo Peep A 35

Fairlight Lodge A 34

Royal Oak, Pett 45

Warren B 23

A selected question from the quiz:

The Chain Bridge is a famous landmark in which European city?

Answer: Budapest

Anyone interested in the quiz or putting together a team next season can contact Nigel Jones on 01424 444470.