Hastings Pirate Day is announced for 2012

5/8/11- Pirate Day, Hastings seafront.
5/8/11- Pirate Day, Hastings seafront.

SCORES of buccaneers, scurvy sea dogs, privateers and wannabe Jack Sparrows are invited to descend on Hastings again for this year’s Pirate Day.

The man behind the popular event, Roger Crouch, has announced the date for Pirate Day and isand calling on everyone in Hastings and beyond to take part so the town can snatch back the title of swashbuckling capital of the world from Penzance.

Last June pesky pirates there plundered Hastings’ crown as the town with the highest number of pirates in one place.

The Cornwall town managed to pack in 8,734 people dressed as privateers, sea dogs and buccaneers on its prom, smashing the previous world record of 6,166 set here in Hastings in August 2010.

But Roger is confident Hastings will again become the pirate capital of the world.

This year the event is on Sunday, July 22 and Roger is hopeful that, it being on a weekend, more people will be able to join in.

He said: “We are definitely going for the world record again. We smashed it two years ago for fun but this time we are taking it seriously, in a tongue and cheek way.

“Being on a Sunday this year we will be able to bring in many more thousands of pirates from further afield, showcase the best of what we have got, and once again put Hastings on the map for a good reason.

“What makes Pirate Day so great is that everyone, from six months old to the oldest can take part, and everyone is so important to enable us to beat the world record again. It’s a great family atmosphere and it brings together all ages and communities, and is good morale for the town.”

Thousands of pirates will again be gathering to form a human skull and crossbones on the bonfire site opposite Pelham Place with Hastings Borough Bonfire Society marshalling the event.

Roger said: “Last year more than 4,000 pirates formed the skull and crossbones within five minutes. It was phenomenal and just shows the enthusiasm that makes the difference of breaking the record or not.”

Pirate Day lookalikes Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Barbosa will return, as well as sword fighting displays for children, shanties and other old favourites.

Details about Pirate Day this year will be found on a new website www.hastingspirateday.org.uk, which is expected to be up and running this week.