Hastings’ own UFO expert’s role in upcoming TV documentary

Malcolm Robinson
Malcolm Robinson

A UFO expert from Hastings will be starring in a new documentary series later this year.

Malcolm Robinson, who lives in the Old Town, has just returned from his native Scotland after filming with Channel 5 for the 12-part series.

He set off from Hastings on March 25 after Channel 5 contacted him.

The series will look at revisionist history and showcase the detailed work undertaken by historians and investigators, both amateur and professional in re-examining and questioning accepted historical events, such as the Cold War, the Space Race, UFOs and more.

The programme looks at conspiracies and why they play such a big role in people’s accepted beliefs.

Malcolm, whose day job is selling adverts for the Observer Series at Woods House in Telford Road, St Leonards, was filmed discussing his research on one of Scotland’s biggest UFO cases, the Livingston event of 1979 where a forestry worker was attacked by two small sea-mine like devices that came out of a hovering domed shaped craft.

Malcolm said: “It was fun filming in the woods and I felt the interview went well although working with television companies as I have done over the years, your concern is how you come across and what bits they use.

“It was two days’ filming and my segment will only be around 15 minutes long.”

Malcolm has been researching the paranormal all his adult life and has become a highly respected authority in the weird and wonderful world of the paranormal.

The alien enthusiast is a regular on the paranormal lecture circuit and was once hired by Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg to help look for the Loch Ness Monster.

Hastings’ real-life Fox Mulder from the cult series, The X-Files, has given talks and lectures on the paranormal and unexplained around the world, as well as the UK, and appeared on several shows at home and abroad.

Malcolm is also the author of three books, UFO Case Files of Scotland (Volumes 1 & 2) and Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain (Volume 1).

His fourth book, The Monsters of Loch Ness, will be out later this year. Malcolm added: “I’m so pleased to have completed my book on the Monsters of Loch Ness as this was one of my life’s ambitions to get this book done.”

Malcolm is co-hosting the Scottish UFO & Paranormal Conference at Edinburgh University’s Pleasance Theatre on June 20 this year and is also one of the speaker’s. For more information on Malcolm’s research group, Strange Phenomena Investigations, email him at malckyspi@yahoo.com.