Hastings Ore Women’s Institute

ON Tuesday, January 14 we met for our first meeting of 2014. Considering we had all been over-indulging in Christmas festivity, our guest was very timely - locally-based beauty therapist Susannah Harvey.

With one brave (and lucky) member acting as a model, Susannah took us through the process of a seasonal facial, explaining how to care for our skin at every step.

At the end, our volunteer emerged looking young and radiant, and we all were much better informed. Best of all, Susannah gave us all a ‘goody bag’ with samples of the products she used.

Part of the meeting was taken up with routine tasks such as collecting subscriptions for the current year. Our WI is now very successful, with 64 members - a pleasing situation considering the group is relatively new.

For any enquiries about the group or our activities, please see our website, www.hastingsorewi.co.uk/index.aspx, or telephone Jean Hatter on 01424 439427.