Hastings Ore WI

AT our well-attended last meeting on October 9, we had an enjoyable, if messy, time, icing and decorating our own little Christmas cakes. The results varied from smoothly professional to weirdly misshapen.

In addition, we listened to an interesting – and moving - presentation from Linda Stott from Hastings-based Charity for Kids, which our group is supporting this year.

Lisa told us about the excellent work the charity is doing to support local children with chronic illness or disability.

Our next meeting in November will be our AGM.

On October 10 a group of us visited the Knitting and Stitchcraft Show at Alexandra Palace in London. It was a long day, and the group were surprised by the size of the crowds at the show.

There were workshops, exhibitions and fashion shows as well as endless opportunities to buy. Everyone ended the day tired, but feeling that the outing had been worthwhile.

For any enquiries about the group or our activities, please see our website, www.hastingsorewi.co.uk/index.aspx, or telephone Jean Hatter on 01424 439427.